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I’d like to firstly thank the teams behind SASCon (DontPanic) and Emetrics Milan (Rising Media) for running two great conferences and I was very happy to be invited to speak at both. A topic I had discussed previously, Attribution was something I wanted to continue to educate and inform the community on. Its something I am passionate for analysts and marketers to better understand and bring into their businesses.

I had a lot of fun at both conferences with the organisers putting on not only a great conference but also fantastic entertainment. There was a number of interesting talks and thoroughly enjoyable evenings out. I expanded my SASCon presentation for the Emetrics audience and it can be found on slideshare below. Thanks to everyone who attended and for the wonderful feedback (some examples below)


A new year and a new start…

I have the pleasure to announce that i’ve joined the great team at Blueglass (www.blueglass.co.uk | @blueglass) as Director of Strategy. This was a long time coming, with the MD (Kevin Gibbons) and I wanting to work together for some time – waiting for the parts to slot together. The role itself and what I will be doing over the coming months/years will stay internal for now as there is a lot for us to put together and create. However its an exciting time for the business and for me personally.

Smart TV is the latest addition to the early adopters library of gadgets, the voice and gesture control from the likes of “Minority Report” have yet to go mainstream. The App’s currently available showcase a tablet/mobile style interface. The limited choice of apps available will change with time and with this will come an influx of internet services available straight into the TV itself.

In the same way that 8 years ago you had a mobile phone, an MP3 player, a calculator, an alarm clock, games console and a digital camera – the smart phone combined them. Currently the TV is the viewing device – with the increasing internet speeds it will enable the TV to become a device that not only provides the imagery but also streams and creates the content for the user….

I had the pleasure to speak at #measurefest 2013 ( www.measurefest.com ) in October to 700+ digital analytics and measurement people. After discussion with Kelvin (organiser extraordinaire) we decided that I would speak about the tool that everyone loves to hate – Microsoft Excel.

I tried to make my talk as actionable as possible – not only for people at the conference but also as a takeaway available through the likes of slideshare. Both during the day and since i’ve got some amazing feedback and i’d like to thank everyone who has shared and fed back to me. I ended up being on the homepage of Slideshare as a featured presentation for 4 days – Thanks again everyone!

A few of the lovely comments are below/click through – as well as the deck itself and a few other photos

On August the 1st 2013 a team of conference organisers (Gus, Tara, Sam and Me) put together a massive party on a boat on the Thames – it was a massive success with 800+ people attending. We have 3 great speakers and a great atmosphere. Thanks to all that attended!

I’ve been very privalaged recently to be asked to speak at two events. I decided to speak at both conferences on the topic of Attribution – something I want to champion in the marketing world. I believe that data is what allows digital to eventually overtake traditional and become the dominant force in business marketing.

Firstly I attended and spoke at Measurecamp, an Analytics conference in central London organised by Peter O’Neil. Measurecamp is an Unconference where you bring a talk with you – grab a room, then kind of hope people show. I was lucky and had a nearly full main room for my talk.

Secondly I spoke at ThinkVis, based in a Casino in Leeds. Organised by the legend that is Dom Hodges of Click&Mix and Hodgetastic fame. I had a great time sharing the stage with some fantastic speakers. This was my first time at Thinkvis and I will be returning next time! Made some great friends and managed to spend time with old friends too.