About Russell

I’m a Digital man, an evangelist of data driven marketing activities. I’m Managing Director at Deliver Insight – a data led Digital Marketing Agency/Consultancy. I specialise in Analytics, Search Marketing (SEO, PPC), Digital Strategy and Digital Management. Working with clients such as Sky, Sony, Which? both in Europe and Worldwide I have experience working closely with clients at all levels.

I have an understanding of all channels – but more importantly how to use them within a business environment. A lot of the advice and blog posts I read are either not transferable, not realistic or just not true. I hope my thoughts are transferable and can be utilised as either a guide for projects or even to debunk rumour and speculation.

I am highly opinionated and therefore anything you find on this site is my personal opinion and may not be a reflection of my employers, colleagues or mother

I enjoy helping people so if you have any questions about me, my work or anything – let me know via my contact page

Much Love,

Russell McAthy – RustyBear

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