It’s now time to Deliver Insight

It’s now time to Deliver Insight

I’m excited to announce that I have started my own company and am now Managing Director and Founder of Deliver Insight. We are a consultancy and digital agency with data at the heart of everything we do. My key goal is to work with businesses who want to make better decisions using insight calculated from data. I already have some amazing clients and I thank my close friends and family for supporting me over the last 2 months as I made the transition.

It’s been a really busy start to 2015 personally and the choice to move into my own venture was made quite quickly. There are too many people who have truly helped to thank, but here are some key names. My Family, Melissa, Ben P, Justin, Paul R, James Corn, the whole of B&H, Kevin.

The new branding and website is live and I would love feedback.Deliver_insight_logo_whiteout


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  • Malcolm Slade

    Massive props Russell. We are all behind you if you need any help. Good luck.

  • therustybear

    Thanks malcolm. See you soon!

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