Smart TV’s – digital marketing without the computer

Smart TV’s – digital marketing without the computer

Smart TV is the latest addition to the early adopters library of gadgets, the voice and gesture control from the likes of “Minority Report” have yet to go mainstream. The App’s currently available showcase a tablet/mobile style interface. The limited choice of apps available will change with time and with this will come an influx of internet services available straight into the TV itself.

In the same way that 8 years ago you had a mobile phone, an MP3 player, a calculator, an alarm clock, games console and a digital camera – the smart phone combined them. Currently the TV is the viewing device – with the increasing internet speeds it will enable the TV to become a device that not only provides the imagery but also streams and creates the content for the user….

TV has become the key element in so many homes, the living room used to aim itself at the fireplace, it now tends to be aimed as a box in the corner or on the wall. As more and more devices become “Smart” its only understandable that the TV would become the central hub. This will enable a smart TV to not only be the viewpoint but also the brain of the home. With this new data available this means that the Smart TV becomes not only a source of entertainment and knowledge but also the marketeers dream.

The ability to see what people watch, what they buy on-line, what they are low on in the fridge, what appliances they have and how long they’ve had them…all this information potential – combined with the ability to buy directly through the TV will be make it very interesting for targeted marketing campaigns.

How do you think Smart TV’s will change the way we market to consumers?

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  • Gerry White

    Our aerial recently blew off the roof – i didn’t notice til the wife wanted Cbeebies on – the xbox & netflix means not only can I watch nearly everything I want to, when I want to, i can pause it using my voice, my mobile phone (or waving at it, which I don’t do, that requires effort), my phone can also control the TV as it is a first gen smart… I can continue watching what I want on the TV upstairs using the bluray player..

    I am not convinced the TV will continue to be smarter, it may become more of a terminal with tablets and Miracast type technology (or Airplay for the iSheep), I’ve been a long time user of DLNA and friends of mine couldn’t belive how simple it is …

    Google seemes to be quietly buying all the tech required to know what where when and why you are doing everything you are … the recent aquisitions including nest prove the value isn’t just in the hardware, but in the data… if I know where when why someone is I can target them so well that the majority of people could easily become so influenced by Google, it well could be scary … of course Google are the do no evil company aren’t they!

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