Russell McAthy
Digital Marketing Expert, Global Keynote Speaker.
Helping companies understand the value of their marketing, using data, for over 15 years
About Russell.

Brands are not using data correctly to inform their marketing

With over 15 years in digital, Russell has helped some of the largest brands in the world get more from their marketing.

Using data to inform the performance of their marketing he has helped these businesses revolutionise their ways of working both internally and with partner agencies. With expert knowledge of all marketing channels, with a key focus on the data, gives Russell a rare advantage when looking at opportunities for incrementality.

Russell has worked in brand teams, been director of an agency and most recently being the CEO of a marketing attribution company has afforded him experience with startups through to global enterprises.
Driving Success.

What Russell has worked with brands on

Marketing Data

Support brands to collect, own, regulate and distribute their marketing data in an efficient and usable manner


Guiding brands to understand the value of all activity in the consumer journey. From display impressions, PPC cost efficiency through to User Experience

Marketing Performance

How to improve, monitor and communicate the changes in performance to drive true incrementality consistently

Analytics and Insight

Translating data into analytics, analytics into insights and then insights into actions that drive true bottom line performance increases


Creating dashboards that not just correctly inform but drive a change in the way of working

Agency / Partner Auditing

Ensuring you are working with the best partners for your brand. Supporting your agencies in the way they work with you.

Silo to Multi-Channel

Helping businesses move away from siloed marketing management into a true multi-channel view of the world

Digital Transformation

Taking brands into the new digital age through a multi-stage transformation process top to bottom in the organisation.
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